"...in thy light shall we see light." - Psalm 36:9

Baptist Women’s Fellowship

The Baptist Woman’s Fellowship meet on a monthly basis with each night’s programme providing all those who attend an opportunity to meet for a time of fellowship, friendship and fun. Throughout the year there is an opportunity to hear about God’s work that is being carried out on the mission fields both at home and abroad. There are also evenings where craft, cookery and flower arranging demonstrations are organised and each speaker will share a personal word of testimony.

The annual programme is varied and suitable for all ages and the monthly programme would not be complete without a cup of tea and friendly chat at the end of the evening. Most importantly however the BWF meetings provide a time when all woman of the Church can meet together in His Wonderful Name.

Times & Location: 8 pm – Usually on the third Tuesday of each month – Church Hall

Getting Involved: The BWF would love to see all women of all ages come along to the monthly meetings and share in the fellowship, friendship and fun. Don’t miss out!

Contact : Joan Watts click here

Baptist Woman’s Fellowship


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