"...in thy light shall we see light." - Psalm 36:9

Walk 4 Life

Aims to reach women of the surrounding area and beyond and introduce them to Jesus Christ who alone can change their lives.

Summer Programme

Involves a five week programme in spring commencing from the last week in April. Each session commences with a walk which can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on what each lady chooses. This is followed by a speaker relating a relevant topic from a Christian perspective to women followed by a healthy supper with plenty of interaction.

Winter Programme

October to March which usually gives a choice of an indoor physical activity or walk approximately half an hour. Various topics of interest are shared from beauty, fashion, first aid, health followed by a speaker sharing relevant topics from a Christian perspective.

Times & Location: 7.45 pm – Brownstown Hall

Getting Involved: There is a place for everyone who would like to be involved. Getting to know women of the area, supper duties (usually once) meet and greet, sharing your lifes experiences.

Contact: Pauline Sands click here


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