"Thus far has the Lord has helped us." - 1 Samuel 7:12b

Mission Trips

Co Mission 2016 - Spain

On the 17th July the Spain Co. Mission team set off for Algeciras - it was a real encouragement to have so many people come together to pray for us in the church car park before we left.
The team served alongside the Renacer Church and the Elliott’s (Andrew, Rosalia, Rebecca & Natalie) who are part of the Baptist Mission family. It was a busy 2 weeks and the programme included: English Club – a bit like a holiday bible club, Park outreach in Saladillo and Medina Sidonia, Beach Mission, Irish Night, Practical Work – Painting and decorating, Taking part in Church services & prayer meetings.
The whole team were really encouraged and challenged by the commitment that the Renacer Church has for witnessing in the local community and further afield. Every Friday night a team from the church travel an hour each way to Medina Sidonia to witness in the park and the town square. This town currently has no evangelical witness and it was a real privilege to go with the Church to play games in the park, hand out literature and sing in the main town square.
The first Friday night we walked to the Cathedral which sits above the town, climbed the bell tower and started signing praise to God while looking over the beautiful town. This was an amazing experience that none of us will ever forget. When we got down to the court yard of the cathedral the attendants asked us to sing more songs for them - even though this town has no evangelical witness we believe Gods name was honoured on that night.
God really blessed us as a team, there was great unity and friendship during our mission trip. Our daily devotions were a real highlight for each team member as we had the chance individually to share something from Gods word, followed by special prayer times together. There really is so much that could be written about the trip so please feel free to speak to any of the team members if you would like to hear more. I think we would all love to go on more mission trips in the future! More Photos


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